What Are The Processes Involved in Auto Detailing?

Auto detailing requires multiple processes. Both the exterior and interior auto detailing have their own steps. Because of that, the way a certain auto detailing company does might vary compared to another. Therefore, it is possible that you find a different auto detailing approach adopted by a particular auto detailing company if you scout around. However, most of the professional auto detailing companies only uses similar tools and products in order to give your car a sparkling and head turning finish. In this article, you will learn about the common processes involved in an auto detailing session.

Auto Detailing

Common Exterior Auto Detailing Process

Wash and Dry – The process of exterior auto detailing usually begins with a car wash using a high powered spray, followed by a detailed hand washing using a mild soap. After that, comes the drying process.

Clay – The next step after thorough washing and drying is clay work, wherein professional auto detailers utilize a clay work in order to remove any overspray traces, as well as any other contaminants that the washing and drying process could not remove.

Polish – It is completely normal for a vehicle to lose its shine. Therefore, restoring the original complexion of its paint is important. This process is referred to as the polishing stage.

Seal – In general, the exterior auto detailing process often ends with a sealant application in order to give your car a beautiful glossy and shiny texture. Professional auto detailers, however, can go much farther by applying appropriate wax to the surface of your car.

Common Interior Auto Detailing Process

Vacuuming – When dealing with your car’s interior, the very first step of the process starts with using a vacuum cleaner. All the areas of your vehicle will receive a thorough vacuum cleaning, including its trunk and glove compartment.

Shampooing/Scrubbing/Brushing – This is usually where the heavy work comes in. The carpet and mats upholstery in this stage receive a deep scrubbing and brushing in order to remove the blemishes and stains that have deeply set on the surface of your carpet or mat over the years.

Wiping and Re-vacuuming – After a thorough scrubbing and brushing process, the next focus of the professional auto detailers in on the surfaces on the interior of your vehicle such as the door panels, dashboard and windows, in which a detailing professional will wipe down with the use of the most appropriate cleaning agent. This process will generally restore the shine of the interior of your vehicle.

Deodorizing – Lastly, as a finishing touch on your car, the professional auto detailing service provider with spray your car’s interior with a deodorizing agent in order to make sure that it will have a pleasing odor. Professional auto detailing companies can offer you different choices of scent so you can enjoy the scent that you want the most while you enjoy your brand-new-like vehicle.

Now that you have already learned the processes involved in auto detailing, it is best that you only choose a professional auto detailing company whenever you want to have your car detailed.

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